How to earn with Paid to click sites- PTC

Now a lot of people jump to conclusion that they are going to make money right away.. But the truth is..... THEY ARE RIGHT..


The 1st rule is be honest. This way you end up making stress free money which is more valuable ( believe me.. no other way out)
Secondly ( no rules now) you need to show perseverance. You wont get rich in 10days. It might take some time for you to rake in bucks but hey.. you will make it for sure.
You want quick money, you start working a little more.
All these sites may seem silly to you but i will guide you through it to rake in some good money.
 Now the bottom line.. referrals earn you more. So do invite your friends & family. If you are not able to do that.. I'll help you getting some. But you will need to work for it too.. Promise what is possible to others, not the castles in clouds
As usual, The DONT'S include: No malpractice, No Lies, and certainly No spam.
 If you want to stay for long, earning passive income.. believe me, you don't want to take a wrong turn.
Applying all This will get you a reasonable amount per month and eventually.. a good return in the long run.

The PTC corner is very easy to start with. Join ALERTPAY and PAYPAL (e-banks) and register yourself with the sites. A lot of them pays you good but you need to sort it and keep the better ones. This way you only work and get paid Reasonably. Never OVERWORK or OVERBURDEN yourself. Joining all the sites might take  a day or two. Then you can start earning by just clicking ads or referring, the latter being more promising ( if you cant, contact us and we will show you how)
Allways work regularly and for short durations. increase the frequency if you want to earn more but never work at a stretch. 
Coming to the Survey zone, it pays you well and quickly too. There is only 1 catch.. You have to qualify for them. They are based on the requirements set by the advertisers. No one qualifies for all surveys so better take what comes your way. But once you get the hang, you will get hooked to it. The easiest of all I tell you.. 
Creating websites, google adsense, affiliate programs.. all this will require you to work hard and definitely some investment ( money and time). Will gladly help you when you feel you are ready.

Paid to click sites - Easy earnig with out any investment

Friends there are a lot of Paid to click sites.
Most of them are fraud sites.But we have hand picked some of the best PTC sites for you.

Just check out these sites below.After joining these sites mail me on . I will tell the secret on how to earn from these sites with out spending even a penny from your pockets.I am earning 1$ a day from each sites.So join them and mail me.
Before joining these sites you have to join Virtapay.They will give you $25 for joining and pay $10 for each work you are assigned.You ca use this money to get memberships in various site.



SITE  11
SITE 12 
SITE  13
SITE  14 More sites will be added as get relevant sites....Just come and check regularly...
Do not forget to mail me on after joining these sites...